February 2012: version 2.2

Note: this version requires processor and OS support for AVX instructions. OS version Windows 7 SP1 or later is required. Processors supporting AVX are Intel Sandy Bridge and AMD Bulldozer models.


              Execution time in seconds for:
                           "ppsearch.exe bits=2 maxbits=929 loop"

                                  version 2.1     version 2.2
AMD Opteron 6282SE   3.3GHz             674             279
Intel Corei7 2600k   4.5GHz             378             148

source code

factor files - These are derived from a list from here, and reformatted with a utility.

sample build command for Microsoft 64-bit compiler.

sample build command for mingw 64-bit compiler. Tested with gcc 4.7.0.

sample win64 executable built with Microsoft compiler.

sample win64 executable built with mingw gcc compiler.