November 18, 2012: version 2.4 - performance improvements

                   Execution time in seconds for:
                   "ppsearch.exe bits=2 maxbits=929 loop"
                   Intel Corei7 2600K 4.5GHz

                   version 2.3             version 2.4
                   SSE     AVX             SSE     AVX
       Microsoft   402     148             344     122
       gcc         n/a     n/a             348     111

source code

factor files - These are derived from a list from here, and reformatted with a utility. In addition, selected factorizations beyond the 2^1200 -1 cutoff of the Cunningham tables have been added. Unlike the factorizations through 2^1200-1, these additional factorizations do not come from a recognized source. Therefore, the primeness of these factors should be confirmed before using them.

sample win64 executable built with gcc 4.7.3 compiler.

sample win64 executable built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 compiler.