10908 Strand Street


The Bauerle Ranch home at 10908 Strand Street was completed April 2007, almost two years after IPEX recalled KITEC brass fittings. The recalled KITEC fittings were used throughout. The KITEC plumbing failed after 4 years of use (September 5, 2011). The failure occurred within an interior wall where freezing conditions never exist. See repair bill.

D.R. Horton sold this home on April 13, 2007, and did not disclose the use of recalled KITEC brass fittings in its construction. D.R Horton also did not disclose the use of KITEC XPA piping, a product no longer approved for use in Austin TX. D.R. Horton did not mention the class action law suits concerning the KITEC plumbing components when the sold the house.

Here are pictures of the original KITEC fittings and pictures of the repair.